November 15

Remembrance Day

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month this is when the world war 1 ended and many people were injured or even killed.  Some people faked their age to get into the navy or army and fight for the country.  You might know some famous stories about soldiers like Simpson and his donkey.

October 26


On my weekend I played FNAF5!!!!!!!!! for the first time.On app store it costs 23.9 dollars. on ps3 it costs 33.34 so you’re better off getting it on I pad. Well I think my first jumpscare was nightmare foxy in number 5 the Annatronix are all dead. The Annatronix from all of the fnaf games are in number5. I died in the first night at 1am 🙁 I cant survive. Then my cousin came over to play FNAF 5.

October 7

my birthday

On the 26 of September it was my birthday.  I got rocks and gems and a diamond sword and 120$ in cash and i got Minecraft on my ps3  & Ipad.  Noah gave me some slime with a zombie hand in it i pranked my sister with it. I laughed until I died. Other than that my weekend was pretty boring.