October 26


On my weekend I played FNAF5!!!!!!!!! for the first time.On app store it costs 23.9 dollars. on ps3 it costs 33.34 so you’re better off getting it on I pad. Well I think my first jumpscare was nightmare foxy in number 5 the Annatronix are all dead. The Annatronix from all of the fnaf games are in number5. I died in the first night at 1am 🙁 I cant survive. Then my cousin came over to play FNAF 5.

October 7

my birthday

On the 26 of September it was my birthday.  I got rocks and gems and a diamond sword and 120$ in cash and i got Minecraft on my ps3  & Ipad.  Noah gave me some slime with a zombie hand in it i pranked my sister with it. I laughed until I died. Other than that my weekend was pretty boring.